«You're like my own personal brand of heroine. (...) You're my life now.» and I can't live without your breath, without your soft skin, without your kiss, your love, your warm embrace, your eyes looking at me like the most sweetest child i ever seen.
My head blow away when I'm with you and when I'm not, my head turns to fairy dust, little shining dust, desperatly waithing for you to come back and don't let me alone again, because when I'm not with you my head is nothing but dust.
For you I would do most of everything, because you are my little reason for most of what I do.
My prince-super-hero, how could I say that I love you if what I want to say is that I love you?!

[PS: não sei porque raio escrevi em Inglês, but i don't care mahahah]


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