15 Things Women Should Never Apologize For Wanting

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1. To wear a swimsuit that YOU love, regardless of whether you're apple-shaped, pear-shaped, or some form of quadrilateral.

2. A core group of friends to turn to even if they live a few miles away.

3. Something to be passionate about, like singing or animals or helping other humans.

4. To actually want to frolic in a field of flowers, at least once.

5. To want exactly as much as sex as we want — even if that's none at all.

6. A companion (or two) in the shape of another human or furry creature.

7. The ability to be girly or ultra tomboy and still be taken seriously as a person.

8. To wear that outfit you spend a third of your paycheck putting together.

9. A kick-ass semester in school (or month at work).

10. Dry-shampoo on demand and nail polish that doesn't smudge.

11. The ability to find the perfect dress for that one occasion.

12. A free pass to brag on Facebook without being judged.

13. A space — anywhere — where you can just disconnect from the world.

14. One night a month (at least) of dancing until the sun comes up.

15. A truly excellent Insta.


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