Go find true love.

Someone once said to me that all we need is love. Usualy people think on the love of their life. Well it's not like that. Sometimes all you need is a kind of love that is true. Finding true love doesn't mean the same as finding the love of your life. For that, first you need to find true love. 
True love is the kind of love that you find on someone that you wasn't expecting, someone that you feel alive and you don't need to pretend to be somone you are not. True love is when you don't ask for nothing and the person besides you still give it all, not because they have, but because is natural. True love is not nacessary the love of your life - the one you'll mary and want to spend the rest of your days with. True love can be just simple as a good friend that you like to spend time with and share your hopes and fears, share your laugh and tears, share the good and the bad. Basicaly is someone that is there for you, a love that is true, that you feel in your heart that the person care, because he cares. True love is something like he cares about you and you care about him and both have freedom and still want to be together and share a little bit of themselfs with you. True love is the kind of love that can turn into something bigger, stronger and life worth, because you eventualy reached out a point of your life that your souls are connected, and your hearts beats at the same rythm, and in the end of a long day, laying down staring at each other you still see that wonderfull person you met by accident. Eventually you'll find the love of your life. But even if you don't reach that point of love, don't spen time finding the love of your life. 
Go find true love at first, and then the rest will come, one day. Go find true love, because at least you loved and let yourself be loved, and for moments your wings will weigh less. It can be even for instants, but in life yu'll never know where you gonna be the next day. So take the risk! Go find true love and if you find someone worth loving, put your guards down and at least give it a try. We might not need just love. But life is better when we share it with someone.



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